What’s a Lift Inverter or ERD? How It’s Works ?

A Lift Backup UPS is a critical component in buildings with elevators, as it ensures that passengers are not trapped inside the elevator car during power failures. Here’s how it works:

Power Backup: The Lift Backup UPS is designed to supply power to the elevator’s control system, motor, and safety features when the main power supply from the utility grid fails.

Seamless Transition: When the main power supply is interrupted, the UPS quickly detects the power loss and switches to its internal battery power or alternative power source. This transition must be seamless to avoid sudden stops or jerks, which could be dangerous for passengers inside the elevator.

Emergency Operation: The backup power provided by the Lift Backup UPS is usually limited to perform essential functions, such as opening the elevator doors, allowing passengers to exit safely on the nearest floor, and preventing the elevator from getting stuck between floors.

Advantages of Lift Backup UPS:

Passenger Safety: The primary advantage of a Lift Backup UPS is ensuring the safety of passengers. By providing backup power during power outages, passengers are not trapped inside elevators and can safely exit the car when it stops at the nearest floor.

Reduced Downtime: A functioning Lift Backup UPS minimizes the downtime of elevators during power interruptions, preventing inconveniences and maintaining smooth building operations.

Building Compliance: Many building codes and safety regulations require buildings with elevators to have a backup power system, like a Lift Backup UPS, to ensure compliance and meet safety standards.

Equipment Protection: Aside from passenger safety, a Lift Backup UPS helps protect the elevator’s electrical components from voltage fluctuations and other electrical issues that can occur during power restoration.

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It’s important to note that the specific features and capacities of Lift Backup UPS systems may vary depending on the building’s requirements and local regulations. These systems are typically designed and installed by qualified professionals to ensure their proper functioning in case of emergencies.

Benefit of ERD

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