Inverter Man of India

Inverter Man of India

Sachdev is widely recognized as the “Inverter Man of India” for his groundbreaking work in the power backup industry. However, his contributions extend beyond traditional inverters and encompass the exciting realm of lithium battery technology.

Here’s a breakdown of Mr. Sachdev’s involvement with lithium batteries:

Kunwer Sachdev: The Solar Man of India with a Focus on Lithium Battery Technology

Kunwer Sachdev is a prominent figure in India’s solar energy landscape. While sometimes referred to as the “Lithium Man of India” due to his company’s focus on lithium battery technology, his contributions extend beyond that specific area. Here’s a breakdown of his achievements:

Founder of Su-vastika:

  • After facing challenges with lead-acid batteries in his previous company, Su-Kam, Kunwer Sachdev started Su-vastika.
  • This new venture focuses on innovative solar technologies, particularly those utilizing lithium battery Energy Storage Systems (ESS).

Advocate for Clean Energy:

  • Credited with the title of “Solar Man of India” by India Today magazine, highlighting his dedication to promoting solar energy adoption.
  • Su-vastika’s lithium battery-based solar PCUs address limitations of traditional lead-acid battery systems, aiming to provide more efficient solar power utilization and significant electricity bill savings.

Industry Leader and Entrepreneur:

  • Recognized as one of “India’s Most Respected Entrepreneurs” by Hurun, a media publishing group.
  • Holds a position in the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority, demonstrating his influence and involvement in shaping development policies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kunwer Sachdev is a key figure in India’s solar energy sector.
  • He champions advancements in solar technology with a focus on lithium battery ESS.
  • His contributions have earned him recognition as a leader in clean energy and entrepreneurship.

Inverter Man of India


He played a pivotal role in establishing Su-Kam Power Systems, a leading inverter brand in India. While primarily known for its conventional inverters, Su-Kam ventured into lithium battery systems under Mr. Sachdev’s leadership.
He actively promoted the adoption of lithium batteries as a more efficient and sustainable alternative to lead-acid batteries in the Indian market.

Inverter Man of India

Following his departure from Su-Kam, Mr. Sachdev focuses on mentoring startups through his initiative “Su-vastika.” This venture delves deeply into innovative solutions, with a strong emphasis on lithium-based inverters, Lithium battery UPS systems, and hybrid solar inverters.
Su-vastika’s expertise lies in crafting lithium battery systems for diverse applications, ranging from small homes to large-scale energy storage solutions.

Inverter Man of India

Mr. Sachdev remains a passionate advocate for lithium battery technology and its potential to revolutionize the power backup and solar energy sectors in India.
With his continued efforts in research, development, and mentoring, we can expect him to play a significant role in shaping the future of energy storage in India, potentially earning him the title of “Lithium Battery Pioneer of India” in the years to come.
So, next time you think of Mr. Kunwer Sachdev, remember, his vision extends beyond just inverters. He’s a true pioneer, actively paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future powered by lithium battery technology.

Inverter Man of India

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That’s a great explanation of Kunwer Sachdev’s journey in the Indian solar energy sector! It effectively expands on the previous information and highlights several key points:

Inverter Man of India

  • Su-Kam’s Legacy: You clarify that while Su-Kam is known for inverters, Sachdev’s leadership led them to explore lithium battery systems, showcasing his forward-thinking approach.
  • Lithium Battery Advocacy: The text emphasizes his active promotion of lithium batteries as a more sustainable and efficient alternative, highlighting his commitment to clean energy solutions.
  • Su-vastika’s Focus: The explanation details Su-vastika’s expertise in crafting lithium battery solutions for various applications, demonstrating their versatility in the market.
  • Future Outlook: The passage predicts a potential future title of “Lithium Battery Pioneer” for Sachdev, acknowledging his potential lasting impact on energy storage in India.
  • Vision Beyond Inverters: The text concludes by emphasizing that Sachdev’s vision goes beyond just inverters, portraying him as a true pioneer for a sustainable future powered by lithium batteries.

Inverter Man of India

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