Best 1 Paperless Digital warranty in Inverter/UPS/Lithium battery


Paperless Digital Warranty is the feature which creates confidence in the User, seller and the company. The Digital Warranty gives you peace of mind as you don’t need to keep any documents, and it works inside the microprocessor. The warranty works with the usage of the Inverter/UPS and not from the day you purchase the product.

What are the benefits of paperless warranties?

digital warranty screen on computer

Computer screen where digital paper less warranty can be seen

paperless digital proof in the mobile app of Su-vastika

  1. It is more convenient and environmentally friendly than traditional paper-based warranties.
  2. User can check the warranty on their mobile phone if he has the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi converter installed in their Inverter/UPS
  3. You do not need to produce the warranty card or cash memo in case of a warranty claim or need to call the dealer, as the Su-vastika supports the warranty.
  4. The mobile app can log in to the customer complaint. Click the customer care button and log in to the criticism directly on the cloud server.
  5. Once you log in to the cloud, it will automatically pick the credentials of your warranty. Registering the serial number on the cloud is unnecessary while logging the complaint.
    Relax and enjoy if you have an inverter/UPS or inverter battery with a Digital paperless warranty. You don’t need to make any effort to register or keep any details of the dealer as the User can resistor complaints through the mobile application itself.
    Su-vastika introduces this hassle-free, paperless and digital warranty in the world of Inverters/UPS/Solar Inverters/Lithium battery packs/Heavy Duty UPS etc. All in their product range for the customer’s convenience.

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What is the solution?

Su-vastika brings in a Digital warranty for Inverters, a remarkable, revolutionary, and mindful innovation by Su-vastika Systems. Su-vastika’s Digital warranty is linked with the microprocessor in the PCB Mains card of the inverters/UPS, Online UPS—solar PCU, ERD and ESS etc.

The warranty shall start only when Inverter is connected to Battery, and when the Battery is disconnected from Inverter, the warranty stops. This addresses one of the common concerns with traditional warranty models. With this approach, the warranty remains valid as long as the Inverter is actively in use, regardless of the reason for its temporary disconnection, such as the Inverter or Battery not working or the owner being away on vacation.

Su-vastika Digital warranty provides consumers and dealers/ Distributors complete peace of mind.

This is even more beneficial in projects where site readiness takes time and inverter installation is delayed. Don’t worry; your warranty won’t be lapsed due to project delays, ensuring that customers receive the complete coverage they are entitled to.

By linking the warranty with the microprocessor in the PCB card of the inverters, Su-vastika has found a unique way to ensure warranty coverage that aligns with the actual usage of the Inverter.

How to access a Digital warranty?

The warranty can be easily accessed by connecting your Inverter through Su-vastika Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi app or via a data transfer wire to your computer.

This means that it is not a physical document that you need to keep track of but rather a record of your warranty that is stored in the device itself and can be seen through the mobile app or through the computer having the software to check the same, as all Su-vastika products come with the USB port, which can be used for checking the warranty.

Digital warranties can be activated by the manufacturer or retailer when the device is first purchased. Once activated, the warranty information will be linked to the device’s serial number.

In case the Inverter PCB card with a digital warranty fails or requires repairs within the warranty period, the warranty coverage can still be claimed after the necessary fixes. This can save time and hassle for both the consumer and the manufacturer.

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