Lift Inverter(ERD): The Safest Way to Power Your Elevators

Understanding the Function of Online UPS

An Emergency Rescue Device (ERD) is an electronic and electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to the elevators with a 3-phase power supply when the input power source or mains power fails. An ERD differs from an auxiliary or emergency power system or standby generator in that it will provide near-instantaneous protection from input power interruptions by supplying energy stored in batteries through a dedicated Power Bank. This is not Online UPS technology and is specially made for the LIfts back-up with no jerk or stoppage of lifts during the power failure or the Main Power voltage variations.


  • Smooth running during Power Outages
  • Get off any floor without any sudden jerk
  • No fear and Claustrophobia of people inside
  • Panel inside the lift to show the status of power and its back-up
  • No damage to elevators for the sudden stop or excess current at the start
  • Complete peace of mind for Senior Citizens and Medical Patients

Benefits of ERD System

1. Prevents Damages: The on-Backup run-time of most Diesel Generator back-ups is relatively sluggish (from 90 seconds to 5 minutes or more) as primarily DG back-up enabled lifts to take time to switch over. And mostly ends up damaging the lift’s electronic mechanisms in the long run.

2. Saves from Disaster: An ERD provides a seamless and uninterruptible electronically controlled power supply to the lifts in all scenarios, including natural disasters like fire and Grid Failure, especially for high risers in urban landscapes. The lift has become one of the most critical facilities in any building. But it is the first thing to be shut and strictly asked in case of fire: “Not to be used”. Survivors on the upper floors can come down even without electricity.

3. Protects life: Another significant crisis in emergencies is when people are stuck in closed environments, especially elevators. This creates a fear psychosis through Claustrophobia, where people feel choked even with proper ventilation in the lift. American Journal of Psychology mentions that this can aggravate difficult and life-threatening situations for the occupants, especially kids, pregnant women, elderly and disabled people, and a slight time lapse of 30 seconds can lead to unpleasant conditions like fainting of people to a difficult situation that can trigger cardiac failure.

An ERD-enabled lift eliminates these horrifying situations while providing disaster resilience to the buildings, users and operators.

No Generator or existing ARD system can provide smooth operation of elevators like an ERD during power failure.

ERD – Zero switching Time Which reduces the downtime of lift

Electronic Control Unit which is installed inside the lift car for audio and visual signals.

Because of this feature, the downtime of the lift is 90% reduced. Most often, lifts have maintenance issues because of regular power cuts. The moment a power cut happens. ARD comes into the picture, which creates most of the faults in the working of lifts.

In the ERD, the switching time is almost zero, so the lifts do not stop on any occasion. The generators are not required at all, so whenever the power goes, the lifts work smoothly without any jerks, and that keeps the lift electronics and electrical systems running without any break so the Lifts do not face the sudden on/ off of the power and since there is no break in the power the smooth functioning removes the chances of lifts failures. The power quality offered by the ERD is better than that provided by the Electricity companies as it is pure sine wave power, and the frequency is precisely 50Hz. The voltage supplied has high stability compared to the utility supplier. The power quality provided by the generator cant is compared to the ERD as it has a very stable and clean power and only caters to the lift load.

  • Ensures continuous power supply to elevators during power outages.
  • Protects elevators from damage caused by power surges and spikes.
  • Extends the lifespan of elevator motors and other components.
  • Increases safety and reliability of elevators.

If you own or operate a building with elevators, you should consider installing an Emergency rescue device/ lift UPS. This will help to ensure the safety and reliability of your elevators, and it will also protect your investment.

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