Can we install Lithium battery with existing Inverters?


Can we install the Lithium battery with the existing Inverters in the market? The normal inverters installed in the market have different chargers for charging Lead-acid or Tubular batteries. These built-in chargers in Inverter/UPS can damage the Lithium battery, and lithium battery life may be lesser than Tubular battery. Can we install a Lithium battery with existing Inverters?

20KVA Lithium Inverter

20 KVA Lithium battery bank with ESS

As the charging technique for charging the Lead Acid battery is quite different from the Lithium battery, the Lithium battery will not be able to give the life that it’s designed for.

Also, another challenge is that the Lithium battery has built-in BMS, which remains on when the battery of smaller sizes of 12 V and 24 Volts are made, continuously discharging the battery. This is another challenge, as keeping the battery in the store for more than one or two months causes the battery to deep discharge.

Even when the low battery happens in the Inverter, if we don’t get power back for 2 to 3 days, the chances of the lithium battery going into Deep discharge are very high.

We have designed our Lithium battery BMS to go into sleep mode if the low battery happens to save the BMS power so that BMS consumption does not drain the Lithium battery.

So we have designed the Lithium battery bank with a BMS, a heavy-duty BMS controlled through the MCB and fan to keep that battery cool. There is a buzzer and LED indications to show the status of the Lithium battery, and this is a patented technology by which this Lithium Life PO4-based battery can be installed with any kind of Inverters available in the market. The charging inside the BMS is regulated according to the Lithium battery requirement and can give a life of 10 years.

The Lithium battery weight is 8 Kgs compared to 62 Kgs of 150 Ah tubular battery, which requires two people to carry the battery. The transportation of tubular batteries is a big headache, especially when they are being installed or replaced.

It would be best to have a trolley to keep the battery, which always gets damaged over time due to the heavy weight of batteries and inverters. This Lithium battery comes in a matching metal box, which can be installed with the existing Inverter and does not need any trolley.

The existing Inverter with a Tubular battery emits Lead fumes, which is dangerous for the whole family, especially kids and older people. This Lithium battery is completely safe as no such fumes emit from the batteries as they are completely sealed.

It doesn’t require space, and no water refilling or maintenance is required.

The existing Inverters can easily charge the Lithium battery in 4 to 5 hours compared to the 15 hours to charge the Tubular battery.

1. So the result is that Su-vastika designs the Lithium battery with BMS to run with any local Inverter/UPS in 12/24/48 Volt configuration.

2. The lithium LifePO4 battery is a very lightweight and good-looking Product in a small package. It has all the electronic controls with an LED display fan and MCB, which looks like a sophisticated Electronic product.

3. This is a pollution-free and no-maintenance lithium battery pack.

4. Can be charged in 4 to 5 hours compared to Tubular Lead Acid battery, which takes 15 hours to charge completely.

So, in this article, we have clearly described that the new Lithium battery designed by Su-vastika can be installed with any brand or type of Inverters/UPS.

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