Benefits of Bluetooth Heavy Duty UPS (IGBT)

Heavy Duty Bluetooth application

The challenge for Heavy Duty UPS(IGBT) owners is to see the status of UPS as it’s a Heavy Duty UPS and UPS is installed at a distance and seeing the parameters is not that easy, and going near the Heavy Duty UPS is tough. The major challenge is to see the Load running when the Power fails. in case anything goes wrong and UPS is shut down. So we designed Bluetooth Heave Duty UPS for the convenience of owners installing Heavy Duty UPS for homes and offices or commercial establishments.

Download the mobile application from the Android Play Store by typing Su-vastika Heavy Duty UPS, and on the Ios application, type the exact words and download the application and install it on your phone. It will guide you on what to do in what condition. There are alerts for Overload, and the message will tell you what to do. If the power outage happens, it will keep giving you a message of power failure with the audio alert so that you know that Power has failed.

screen picture of i phone app store downloading th heavy duty UPS mobile application.

               Heavy duty UPS IOT based

Su-vastika is revolutionizing the High Capacity Inverter/Heavy duty UPS by bringing IOT-based Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-based battery Inverter/UPS.

MAINS MODE in Heavy duty UPS

                                   Mains mode

Also, when the mains power is present, it will show you the voltage and frequency coming into your premises. In case of voltage fluctuations, you can see the voltage dipping or High voltage coming at your place. Not only are these times when the leading Power is coming but also the MCB of the Bluetooth Inverter/UPS goes off because the Load connected with the Heavy Duty UPS or high Capacity Inverter exceeded its limit. So the user is aware of Voltage conditions at his home office or commercial establishment. The High capacity Inverter or Heavy Duty UPS Bluetooth based UPS is installed to run heavy loads like Air conditioners, motor loads or machines taking high inrush loads or is installed in the office where a lot of computers and printers are installed along with the standard lights and fans and air conditioners etc. So knowing the load percentage is very important for the user. So when the Power fails, the load percentage is shown, which helps the user to balance the load accordingly.

In the Heavy duty UPS Bluetooth, we have made graphics to show the flow of Power going through the mains power or the battery, and graphics illustrate the battery is being charged and how much Power it’s drawing from the Mains power to charge the battery.

Another important feature is battery percentage which can be seen by the user how much battery is being charged, which gives the fair idea that in case of power failure, how much is the backup left?

Another important feature is when the main fails, then the Load is shown on the mobile screen, which is how a user knows the wattage being used when the Power fails, and according to his requirement, he can increase or decrease the Load.

Mains Fail Pop-up

UPS MODE with alert pop-up of Mains Fail

 Mains fail All our Pure Sinewave Heavy duty UPS Bluetooth has the settings to use the Lithium battery, which will help the user to choose between a Lithium battery and a Lead acid tubular battery or SMF battery. So the user is not forced to install only a heavy 65 KG Tubular battery in case of 150Ah Capacity or SMF battery with a big rack, and one can see the big battery bank as the space taken for battery bank is huge in case of heavy Duty UPS Bluetooth or high Capacity Inverter. In the case of a Lithium battery, the area is reduced, and the weight is reduced to almost one-sixth of the Tubular battery or SMF battery weight, and one will not come to know by looking at the Lithium LifePO4 battery bank that any battery is installed in the home office or commercial establishment. The user can set the setting himself through the mobile application.

Then also you get the message about how much Overload is in terms of percentage. Say 105% load is running. Users can reduce the Load, and the High Capacity Inverter/heavy Duty UPS Bluetooth functions fine. But in case the user does not reduce the Load even after four warnings, which takes place then the heavy Duty UPS with Bluetooth will get into the switch-off mode, and still, the user does not have to go to Inverter or UPS to reset the front switch as we have given that switch also on the mobile application and user can reset from the mobile application, which is very important for the convenience of the user. The same case is with the Short circuit also.

Overload and Short circuit condition

                                                                                            Overload and Short-circuit condition with Alert Notification

Another essential feature is the Load to be shut down by the user from the remote control through the mobile application, which looks like a Magic moment for the user. As the Load is very high and the battery bank is quite significant in this case, the wastage of battery power can be saved in certain special conditions.

We can see the digital warranty on the Mobile application, which is two years for the Heavy duty UPS Bluetooth for the complete range from 6.5 KVA to 15 KVA (1P-1P).Another challenge is the settings of the Inverter/UPS and the switches are given at the back panel of the Inverter/UPS and are very tough to understand by the user.

So here it comes on Bluetooth Heavy Duty UPS. We have given all the settings on the mobile application. One can easily see on the mobile application and set the settings.

The Battery type selected will be shown on the screen so that the user doesn’t choose the wrong battery while setting the battery type selection in Heavy Duty UPS Bluetooth. Heavy-duty UPS Bluetooth is included in the price of Heavy Duty UPS. There is no change in the price of Heavy Duty UPS with Bluetooth or the cost of heavy-duty UPS without Bluetooth.

In our Pure Sinewave heavy-duty Bluetooth UPS, we have a lot of settings given as it’s a 5th-generation UPS with  Artificial Intelligence, which will impress the user once he sees the product demo.

The most important feature of the mobile screen is the 50 and 60 Hz Frequency. In some countries, the voltage is 220Volt, but the frequency is 60Hz. So we have designed this product for 50 and 60 Hz automatic selection. This automatically detects the Input frequency and gives the same frequency when the Power fails. No other manufacturer has considered making a standard product that can work in countries with 60 Hz, like Saudi Arabia.

IOT-based Heavy Duty UPS or High Capacity inverter will revolutionize the power backup industry.

We have the USB port at the back, which has been kept to check the parameters of the UPS and can be used to convert the typical UPS to Bluetooth and Wi-based UPS without making any changes.

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