Inverter Battery Explodes: Explosion Can Happen Anytime! This Negligence Done With The Inverter Can Become The Reason For A Serious Accident – Why Home Inverter Explodes With Massive Smoke And Fire

New Delhi. Nowadays most of the people have started using inverter in their homes. Those whose house is small, they use low capacity inverter, while those who have more space in their house, they have to depend on high capacity inverter. Although people buy inverters, but many times with its use, they start being careless in its maintenance, due to which the consequences are sometimes so serious that you will not be able to believe it. In the last few years, dozens of such cases have come to the fore in which there has been talk of explosion in the battery of the inverter as well as a fire in the house due to the inverter. This is such a serious issue that if it is neglected, it invites an open accident. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about the mistakes that people usually make in their homes, due to which the inverter can explode like a bomb.

bad wiring

If you are charging your home inverter, then make sure that its wiring is of good quality as well as there should not be any blockage in it. In fact, due to poor wiring, many times a short circuit occurs in the inverter, which can be a major reason for fire. In this case, special attention should be paid to the wiring.

delay in water refilling

It is necessary to check the water level in the battery of every inverter every few months, which keeps on decreasing with use. In fact, distilled water is poured into the battery and if its level becomes low, then the battery can be badly damaged, as well as it can catch fire and if it is overloaded, it can also explode. In such a situation, the water level should be checked from time to time and if needed water refilling should be done in it.

poor ventilation

If you have kept the inverter in a room with poor ventilation, then you should immediately put it in a room with good ventilation and its temperature is controlled. Sometimes the inverter gets hot due to excessive pressure and due to lack of ventilation it can catch fire.

Expert Checkup

If you do not get your inverter checked from time to time, then you should change this habit. This allows you to know about the problems in the inverter in time and you can get it fixed in advance.

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