Su-vastika: Powering India To Sustainability With Its Power Storage


Power outages are the kind of problem that has long plagued developing economies like India. One of India’s most promising power storage and power start-up companies, Su-vastika is committed to transforming the country’s power backup storage sector to stop this ever-burning problem of frequent power cuts finally. 

And this is only made possible due to the efforts and hard work of Su-vastika’s advisor Mr. Kunwer Sachdev, a man fondly nicknamed The Solar Man of India and Inverter Man of India. One of India’s most respected entrepreneurs, his contribution to expanding the inverter and solar technologies in the country is evident to everyone in the industry. Regarded as the pioneer in the power solution industry thanks to the establishment of India’s most well-known inverter brand, the now defunct Su-Kam, he is currently serving as a mentor to the start-up Su-vastika, which is going to take the power storage industry one step higher. 

His biggest contribution to the industry is undoubtedly the ESS or Energy Storage System. This system stores energy from either the electric grid or other renewable energy sources and uses it when needed. Su-vastika’s ESS is a powerful rechargeable battery system that uses a LiFePO4-based Lithium-ion battery to ensure maximum backup.

The improved static switches utilized in this patent technology by Su-vastika’s ESS system reduce switching time to between 2 and 5 milliseconds, which is fast enough to prevent a computer and the majority of sensitive equipment from resetting. This makes it a suitable alternative to generators and home UPS/inverters powered by lead-acid batteries. ESS is a solution that is finally moving the industry away from non-renewable energy-based solutions such as diesel and towards a solution that is based on a renewable source of energy – the sun. 

It provides:

●    Unprecedented energy storage capacities.
●    Faster switching times.
●    Negligible maintenance costs.
●    Zero pollution.
●    Long-lasting batteries for lifelong usage.
●    An insane amount of power, ideal for large commercial and industrial spaces.

Led by Khushboo Sachdev, Su-vastika is powering India towards self-suitability, pushing the company towards the much-acclaimed title of India’s top power backup and storage solutions provider.

Su-vastika’s LiFePO4-based UPS is a world apart from conventional UPS systems. Su-vastika’s UPS is available in numerous power options to accommodate your load-specific power backup requirements. It is subjected to stringent quality control, including Automated Testing Zig, and is backed by a robust after-sales service network and warranty to provide you with a lifetime supply of unlimited energy. It assures an adaptable Performance through the use of ATC, giving it a suitable power backup solution for even the harshest weather situations. Its smart ATC enables the user to select the appropriate charging stage in the event of a temperature change. The Su-vastika premium UPS series with ATC will continue to charge, but a standard battery may quit charging as the temperature rises. The Su-vastika Premium UPS with ATC’s Generation Four microprocessor charges in six methodical steps for maximum charging efficiency.

Another of their revolutionary devices (Emergency Rescue Device/ERD) eliminates the possibility of becoming trapped in an elevator and experiencing claustrophobia. This is only possible because of Su-vastika’s most recent innovation, ERD, a world-class power storage solution that solves the lift’s power failure issue. Existing ARD (Automatic Rescue Device) technology only begins when the elevator stops, operates 30 to 60 seconds later, and can only transport you to the next floor and open the door. The Emergency Rescue Equipment (ERD), an electronic and electrical device, supplies 3-phase power to the elevators if the input power source or mains power fails.

Storing energy in batteries and delivering it via a dedicated Power Bank will provide almost instantaneous protection against input power interruptions. Using ERD instead of ARD will offer a smooth, jerk-free functioning on battery power because there will no longer be a power interruption. Since it is a pure sine wave and the frequency is precisely 50Hz, the ERD’s power quality is superior to that of other electricity suppliers. Even the given voltage has greater consistency than that of the utility provider.

Su-vastika is redefining India’s power backup storage sector, which has helped it get the recognition of India’s top governing body, The Government of India. This transformation is fueled by constant innovation, as seen by the filing of over 60 patents, of which 6 patents have already been approved and are currently under production.


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