From the Lithium Man of India to the Inverter Man of India: Kunwer Sachdev is re-inventing the power backup industry in India

He is now mentoring his new startup – Su-vastika, where he is working on new technologies to take the power backup and storage sector into the future. In this interview Kunwer Sachdev opened up about his journey and his future plans.

Q. You are the founder of Su-kam. However, you are no longer associated with the brand. Can you please share about this journey that involves so many ups and downs?

A. I established Su-Kam in the 1990s when the unorganized market for the power backup sector was in utter disarray. Since most businesses were competing for clients and frequently stealing customers from one another, there was no innovation. This resulted in the dominance of local competitors and a product of extremely low quality. I decided to work towards it and create the first plastic body inverter to completely disrupt the power backup market. However, later because of my personal issues, I was not able to focus on running the day-to-day operations at Su-kam. Soon the company’s financials got messed up. I was forced to leave Su-Kam by the banks when they took the company into NCLT. I had to cut ties with the Su-Kam brand entirely. It’s crucial that everyone understands that I didn’t merely watch everything go wrong; rather, I made every attempt to save the company during this entire time.

Q. How did you become the mentor for Su-vastika? Can you please shed some light on its origin?

A. I became a mentor for the startup company Su-vastika in order to support my wife, Khushboo Sachdev, who stepped up and founded Su-vastika with the financial support and assistance of friends and family. 

I am aware of the change in the power backup industry, especially in light of the new technology Su-vastika is bringing to the market. You’ll be pleased to learn that we have already applied for over 60 technical patents and have been granted six of them.

Q. Can you please elaborate on these new technologies that you are developing at Su-vastika?

A. You know how Diesel Generators are causing severe pollution problems and affecting the health of our citizens. Therefore, at Su-vastika, we have created ESS/Energy Storage Systems, which includes the LIFEPO4 lithium battery, which is completely pollution-free, compact, and requires no replacement for several years. We believe the Energy Storage System will soon displace the inverters, home UPS systems, and generator markets. The market will move in favor of ESS once people are aware of its characteristics and uses. We also overcame a problem involving backup for lifts. To tackle the failure of lifts/elevators during a power outage, we have created an Emergency Rescue Device, or ERD, that can operate the lifts without causing any jerks. With Emergency Rescue Device, backup generators for the lifts are not necessary in the event of a power outage. In these two sectors, we already have technical patents that have been approved, which serves as external confirmation for us. We have even developed EV batteries that can power electric scooters, electric rickshaws, and homes, which is a huge relief for low-income homes. To ensure the quality and accuracy of our products, we have developed several Automated Testing systems to test transformers, EV, PCBs, etc., in-house. We have also developed software and systems for remote monitoring and diagnosis of our products so that anyone can use our products with complete peace of mind.

Thank you, Mr. Kunwer Sachdev for once again bringing about a revolution in India’s power backup industry with your LiFePO4 batteries and an incredible array of power backup and storage solutions.


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