Carlisle East Fire Station recount ‘near miss’ battery explosion

A FIRE station team has been spreading safety awareness of using batteries that may not be appropriate for your appliance after a ‘near miss’.

A spokesperson from Carlisle East Fire Station said that during a recent ‘safe and well’ visit, the occupant of a property brough an ‘extremely near miss’ to the attention of a member of the station’s home accident reduction team.

Upon charging, a series of explosions and a fire followed.

Carlisle East Fire Station said there was nothing to suggest that there was an issue with the drill or charger itself, it is believed to be an issue with the replacement batteries.

Fortunately, the owner of the property was present, and was able to take the drill into the garden to stop what the fire station team said could have been an extremely serious fire.

The team said to purchase and use devices that are listed by a qualified testing lab, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and only use the battery that is designed for the device, in order to safely use lithium ion batteries.

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